What can you get into a couch and bite where the insects come from

The most modern, stylish apartment is not protected from insects. Small crawling, flying individuals do not pay attention to the degree of care or design of the home. Penetrating in different ways, they can cause a lot of problems to the owner, especially if you choose a sofa as your home. In this article, we suggest to find out what can start in upholstered furniture, and also we will tell about ways of penetration of insects in the apartment.

Where do insects come from on the sofa

Any animal noticed in your living area is incoming or brought in. They do not appear by themselves. Therefore, you can not sin on old furniture or excess wool from a pet. Conversely, a new sofa brought from the warehouse may be infected. So, the main ways of the appearance of insects in upholstered furniture:

  1. Acquisition of the originally infected couch. This can be either new or used furniture. To protect yourself, be sure to inspect the upholstery, niches, and slots of the sofa before unloading. If you notice any larvae, black dots, non-specific smells for furniture, or single bugs – in no case bring such furniture into the house.
  2. Insects crossing from neighbors to neighbors on communications. A mass infestation of the neighboring apartment, a single treatment with strong chemical agents, can lead to the migration of individuals in the adjacent room and furniture standing in it.
  3. Infection with new things thrown onto the sofa. Any new items (clothes, parcels, wooden souvenirs) should not be left on the sofa. Before use, it is necessary to conduct a thorough inspection (because in post offices, and other warehouses, bugs are often bugs, bugs), wash, wash and only then allow for use.
  4. Return home after business trips, hospitalization. Insects brought on things from public places can quickly spread through the apartment, to live on a sofa. To prevent this from happening, disassemble and wash things at high temperatures immediately upon arrival.

Why bugs choose upholstered furniture

We’ve found out where insects can come from in the home sofa, but why do they choose upholstered furniture? There are several reasons. First of all, it’s easier to hide and build a nest in the crevices, folds of upholstery. Second, many pests prefer dry, untreated wood, which is easier to move around than smooth surfaces. They also settle closer to food. Food, in different situations, can be a human being himself, or the products of life: exfoliated cells, hair. Since the rest, mainly occurs on the sofa, dead epithelium on it most of all.

Some types of insects, such as bedbugs, are settled on the sofa to bite and drink human blood at night. People living in the immediate vicinity smell the victim, crawling out at night when a person is asleep, not moving.

What kind of insects can be found on a home sofa

Cozy, favorite upholstered furniture can be a temporary home for several types of insects:

  1. Fleas. Small, black, jumping points that bite painfully. They appear not only in rooms with pets. They can stop by any apartment, be brought in on outerwear, especially if homeless animals often roam the stairs. It is also a frequent problem for ground floor dwellers, fleas reproduce in the basement and jump into nearby dwellings.
  2. Bedbugs. Slightly resembling cockroaches, but with a more rounded shape. They hide in the cracks of the couch, and at night they crawl out to eat with human blood. They can be identified by bites on the body, traces of life on bed linen: black spots of excrement, bloodstains from crushed specimens in the sleep, brown dry flakes that dump bugs in the process of growth.
  3. Leatherette beetles. A person is not bitten directly but can get wound up on a sofa, which is rarely cleaned. They willingly eat crumbs, particles of the dead epithelium of people and animals, fibers of old tissues, untreated natural leather upholstery. To get into the apartment can get through open windows, which are not protected by mosquito nets, fly outside in bags and bags. Dangerous for both leather and fabric sofas, because they devour everything.
  4. Linen lice. It can be started in a sofa upholstery which consists of natural fibers, a mattress, bed-clothes. Lice are invisible during the day, but at night actively bite the sleeping ones. Most often appear when in contact with infected things, a person. Therefore, you can not put someone else’s clothes on the couch, or sit on it, an unfamiliar, untidy person.

Now you know which insects live on the couch, who can bite and who can damage the upholstery. In any case, such a neighborhood is dangerous for human health, having found at least one person, it is better to immediately carry out sanitary treatment of furniture. Even a new sofa is not a guarantee of the absence of insects, especially if it is not a clear manufacturer. Check any furniture before entering the house, and if you want to protect yourself one hundred percent.

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