The Ukrainian snail farm will grow 200 thousand shellfish per season

A snail-raising farm was opened in the Carpathian region. There will be three species of shellfish and their eggs.

On July 22, the first snail-raising farm opened in Ivano-Frankivsk. The Pokutsky Snail farm is located in the village of Kopachintsi, Gorodenka district.

The area of ​​the farm is 10 acres. But in the long run it will grow to half a hectare. Farmers created a pasture for snails on this land. More than 200,000 shellfish were released. An additional 350 shields were installed – shellfish would be buried in the afternoon. At night they will go out in search of food.

Three varieties of edible snails will be grown on the Pokutsky Snail farm. Shellfish “mature” for five months – from June to October.

Mature snail size – up to 3-4 cm. These mollusks are popular in European countries: France, Italy, and Spain. There is a lot of snails in there. It is dietary, almost cholesterol-free, protein-enriched, and also considered an aphrodisiac.

The owners of the farm offers to combine exotic food with traditional cuisine. At the tasting that took place during the opening, it was suggested to try the snails in different sauces along with the Dniester soup, as well as Chernelitsky cheese – another novelty.

Snails also have their own peculiarities. The best combination of the product with garlic sauce.

The first harvest is expected up to 200 thousand snails. Next year, they hope to get a snail spawn. This is an expensive delicacy – 50 g of product costs $ 2.5 thousand.

The owners of the farm are planning to export the snails in the autumn.

Snail breeding is a profitable business that can be mastered. It is necessary to start with the study of modern approaches.

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