Insects that are scary to even think about: a list of rare and amazing insects from around the world

In the diverse kingdom of animals, there are the most insects on the planet, and many of them lived long before the appearance of the first ancestors of man. Insects adapt easily to environmental conditions. The article presents the most unusual insects in the world. Know more about getting rid of fire ants.

Japanese huge hornet

If you try to run away from them, you lose. These aggressive bees have speeds of 40 kilometers and can fly up to 100 km. They are 4 cm long and have a wingspan of 6 cm. They attack mainly European honey bee hives. With the help of his sting of 6 millimeters and mandibles, they deal with 40 opponents per minute. They live, based on the name, in Japan.


These are probably the largest millipedes in the world, reaching 35 centimeters in length. They live in South America and Jamaica. They hunt insects, small rodents, snakes and lizards, attacking with all their limbs and sending pieces of food into their jaws. For humans, its poison is not dangerous, with a bite you can feel pain.

Kiss bug

Introduces poison into the victim through a needle, and then sucks her insides. Of the remains makes himself camouflage. This scary creature lives in Mexico and Central America. He bites people most often when they sleep, bites them in the area around his eyes and lips, hence his name.


From terrible creatures to butterflies, but not really. The lonomy caterpillar is covered with soft spines that contain biotoxin. Upon contact, the spike pierces the skin and the substance instantly enters the body. May cause bleeding in internal organs and in the brain. They are found in South America.


Nomadic ants from East and Central Africa, as well as tropical Asia. They are kept in colonies with up to 20 million individuals, up to 13 millimeters in size. Among them, there are soldiers with a hooked jaw that hunt invertebrates for feeding larvae and protect the system from anyone who tries to attack. According to statistics, from 20 to 50 people die annually from the bites of these insects.

Gigantic water bugs

The bug is small and smelly, but it’s not about these guys. They reach a length of up to 15 centimeters. They feed on fish fry, tadpoles, snails, but they can also bite you if you get into a freshwater pond somewhere in South America, India or Thailand.


Found in the tropics and subtropics. They reach sizes up to 5 cm, but with a leg span of up to half a meter. They feed on insects, lead a nocturnal lifestyle, are harmless to humans because of their timidity. In the film adaptation of Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, unforgivable spells were shown on this arachnid.


It is found in Europe, Asia, and North America in damp places, thickets of grass. They feed on dead insects that are found on the ground or stole from the web. In this list, a harmless crumb was due to the presence of a scorpion tail. True, he is a fake, needed only to keep the females in mating.

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